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PostHeaderIcon Internet Routing Issues

There are internet routing issues today (Wednesday 20th July) affecting at least BT and PlusNet ISP's (could be more).Typical symptoms will include services like Facebook and Twitter not loading whilst the BBC website will.

Some reports are suggesting a power outage in the Docklands and others a cable failure. Whatever the actual reason for the outage only BT core engineers can fix it.

As a workaround you could try using a VPN to get out of the country and route that way or use a neighbour's WiFi (with permission) if they are on a different provider without problems. Just be aware of the security implications transmitting sensitive data over another network beyond your control. You could also try and use your smartphone as a hotspot and connect that way but costs could be high so be careful.

There is no point reporting this issue to your ISP, it will just waste your time!


PostHeaderIcon Sender Address Spoofing

You may have seen a lot of emails lately that look like they are coming from genuine business people but actually contain viruses of some sort attached to what is normally an invoice or purchase order.

Do you know if your company is vulnerable to this?

We can check for you but the essence is to get a Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record inserted into your Name Servers (NS) Domain Name System (DNS). If you have an IT support person already then having a conversation with them about this should get the problem sorted within 15 minutes. If you don’t already have IT Support then we can help guide you here at Freedom IT Solutions.

Once that is complete and the information has propagated around the world (48 hours ish) then you will not be vulnerable to Sender Address Spoofing anymore. Providing that the receiving mail server understands SPF then any spoofed emails will be simply dropped and will never reach the other user :)


Note: We are currently in the process of ringing around local companies in Redditch that appear vulnerable to this so please don’t fret if you get a cold call from us!

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